Blog 008 - Coloring With Style

Footage can be manipulated in so many ways today. You can change the speed, blow it up or shrink it, or color it in ways your mind wouldn't normally see a scene taking place. 

In this example you can see how we took a basic scene taking place in a typical living room and made it extremely stylized and, we like to think, much more interesting to look at. We don't know everything there is to know about post, but we know when something feels right, and this felt fitting for the tone and feel of the rest of the film that new director Christian Wimbush was trying to achieve. 

In this next sequence, you can see how we took the same sort of footage, little to no lighting involved, basic set ups and basic locations, yet we flipped the way it was colored. Instead of going stylized and dramatic, we followed the more somber tone of the film and simply punched colors up and brought the viewer into the world that the main character resides. 

The bottom line... Even color is done with story in mind and with purpose.