Meet the team

Below you will find the team that comprises W² Media. We are made up of Producers, AD's, Directors, Writers, Cinematographers, Drone Pilots Editors, Sound Designers, and Colorists. We make post production easy in the new heart of film in Atlanta Ga.


Walker Whited



With a film degree from Georgia State University, Walker is now the lead editor at W² Media. He has edited 2 feature films, countless short films, written 8 feature scripts, 2 pilot scripts, and has 1 feature currently in pre production.


Ryan Dennett-Smith



Ryan is the lead Producer and Assistant Director at W² Media. He is constantly working as an AD on feature and short films around Atlanta and the southeast. He is a logistics man who keeps the work running smoothly and on time. 


Sean Mccane

Sound Designer/Colorist


Sean has a degree in Sound Design from the Art Institute. He has done color and sound on 1 feature films and a countless number of commercial, industrial, and short films.


Tyler Kitchens

Music Composer


Tyler is an up and coming music composer who will be composing the first feature film of W² Media. He is skilled at layering unusual and exciting instruments to create cinematic masterpieces.