W Squared Media Presents:

"Southern Fried Post"

We love stories. We love getting the chance to collaborate with other artists to see a vision come to completion.
Along the way, we are learning through successes and failures about how to best go about the film production process, from
pre-production all the way to post production. The thing about film making is, it's not a science. There's a million pieces to be put together and a million decisions to be made, so how do creatives go about putting that puzzle together? Well we want to find out if there is some kind of formula, so we're talking with friends and co-workers about their own projects and decision making, especially when it comes to post production, and we'll see if there ends up being a commonality among us all...

But probably not. Filmmaking makes no sense.

Episode 1: Andrew Howell - 83 Days

In W Squared Media's new podcast, Sean and Walker talk with director and DOP Andrew Howell about his historical narrative short film "83 Days" that, at the time, was running for Oscar contention (It sadly did not get in). They discuss our post production involvement with the film, navigating and working the markets, and seeking the money to get a feature green lit from a great short.

Episode 2: AJ Jones - The Curse of La Patasola

In W Squared Media's new podcast, Sean and Walker talk with AJ Jones about his debut feature film "The Curse of La Patasola" from Vertical Entertainment. They discuss our post production involvement from edit to color and even creature sound design, creating the practical creature, decision making processes and much more.

Episode 3: Jason Winn - Director / Producer

In Episode 03 Sean and and Walker talk with Jason Winn about his feature film "Rift" and the immense career he's had over the past 30 years. They discuss our collaboration over the years with Jason, how story should always affect budget questions, and how hard making a movie in only 5 DAYS was!!