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Blog 009 - Codes Dealt

A new year means new projects... or the same series with new additions. With "Codes Abided" and "Codes Commanded" in the books, we had to do at least one more for the "Codes Collection." We introduced the characters in "Codes Abided," we then saw where the aloof and mysterious Tommy comes from in "Commanded", and now we're looking at young Freddy's time just before "Codes Abided" takes place in "Codes Dealt." 

We will be releasing the trailer within the next day or two, and the film this weekend (05/12/2018) 

For now, here are a few before and after stills from Sean Mccane and his color. The short film was shot on a Red Scarlett in 4.5k WS with Rokinon glass (mainly 24 and 35mm) in one location at The Cooler in Alpharetta Ga.


Blog 003 - Codes Abided Music

The music of "Codes Abided" was done by Tyler Kitchens and Jonathan Gilmer. Once we got out of the cars and into the scenes where we find the characters meeting, we wanted the feeling to be like an old western in a way without being obvious. The color had a yellower tint to it. The shots were wider and had a larger depth of field so you could see the landscape and the music became influenced by swelling guitars and fast strings. Below you can check out one of the tracks from the film by Jonathan Gilmer.