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Blog 006 - "The American Dream" Color Correction

Our latest project is called "The American Dream." Sean Mccane, our in house colorist, did a great job creating a realistic feel for a film that doesn't require a huge amount of creative coloring. This family drama was shot on a RED Scarlett in a few locations; the one below, in a local Atlanta high school. 

"Because of the emotional context of The American dream I decided to go with a darker feel with some greens added in to give more mood to the film. Most of the film utilized natural lighting due to budget, which was okay because a lot was outside and the sun wasn't too harsh. I added a little more contrast to the images to help develop the mood and also punch up the image a little bit. The only scene that required a little more correction is the school scene because the lighting in the school hallways gave off a green cast that affected the skin tones. This was corrected by using the white t-shirt as a white balance point and keying out skin tones." -Sean Mccane

TAD Gif 1

In the next scene, two of our characters were outside of an apartment complex on a cloudy day. You can see what the scene looked like on camera at the top of the frame compared to what Sean did with the color afterwards. 

Both of these scenes consisted of all natural light due to budget constraints. Both scenes are enhanced by subtle yet effective coloring process. 

For better image quality and to see more changes from before and after, check out the video below.