"RIFT" Feature Release


The feature film "Rift," directed by Jason Winn, shot in only 5 days (what?!) has officially released to TVOD streaming services such as Apple TV and Vudu via Buffalo 8! This project was a wild ride for us as we did the entire post work up on it from edit to color to the mix. On top of the edit by Walker Whited, Whited also 2nd unit directed the film, look out for that final scene.
Color and mix by Sean McCane, edit and delivery by Walker Whited. Check out the film today!

"Winn has put together a vibrant little package with a steady tick that explodes well. The velocity comes thanks to the elite action trio of cinematographer James Suttles, editor Walker Whited, and composer Kevin G. Lee. Suttles mixes handheld camerawork with slick tracking and dolly shots to bring on the chaos, then snap back in control. It creates an urgency out of thin air as well as keeping the static off. Whited cuts hard and fast, never letting the blood pressure drop or the pacing lag. The star of the show is Lee, as his retro-wave synth score is rip-roaring fantastic. The throbbing electronic score is a relentlessly awesome rush." -Film Threat

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