Southern Fried Post Release

Southern Fried Post Podcast is Out Now!

We started a little podcast where we talk to fellow indie filmmakers that we have worked with about anything and everything from pre-production to post production. In our experiences, we've learned no one really knows what they're doing in this industry. Everyone learns as they go, makes things up as they go and we all learn from each other and then pretend like we know what we're doing... So why don't we talk to the people we've worked with and discuss their processes and dealings so that we can learn from each other and figure out how these puzzle pieces fit together to create films.

Our first episode is out now on Youtube with Director/DP Andrew Howell on his powerful award winning short film "83 Days."
We had the pleasure of doing all aspects of post from edit and color to audio.

"I wanted a boutique shop I didn't want to go to like a big label um I had I had looked at some other folks in the Atlanta area but um I wanted to be able to be very Hands-On and I felt like that that was something that I was going to get working with you guys that you weren't going to be um intimidated by that that I was going to be able to sort of play around with some of the stuff and that's what we did there was a very collaborative process you know we worked hand in hand and we passed the scenes back and forth and you know that was a real benefit for me at that at that point in time now I think if we if we did the project today you know I would I would look at it...

"...You'd be like do what I want, and shut the heck up!"

*We all laugh*

"hahaha yeah no I would just have a little more I I wouldn't you know I'd be a little less Hands-On I think."

Listen in as we discuss projects and how we develop and learn.

Thanks for listening!

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